What is Team Development IntensiveTM?

Team Development IntensiveTM is a 14-hour intensive training program that radically improves your team’s performance.

Who should attend this program?

This program is for teams working on critical issues or business areas that are stuck. But also for teams who would like to have significantly better internal dynamics and thus achieve more.

Benefits of the program

Effective solutions

Resolve your most burning issues and hit your crucial goals.

Better performance

Learn new skills to sustain the improved level of team functioning.

Effective communication

Learn to raise any issue in a non-blaming and non-shaming way.

Winning culture

Create a winning culture that suits your people and the goal at hand.

Ambitious goals

Achieve more ambitious goals with your new winning culture.

We don't waste your time

Skill development happens while doing the work.

Team Development IntensiveTM

Program build-up

STEP 1 (3h)

1:1 sessions with team manager


1:1 sessions with team manager to set laser-sharp goals

STEP 2 (1h)

Session with key people in the team


Fine-tuning goals with key people in team.

STEP 3 (8h)

Workshops with the whole team


All team together. Solving burning issues, agreeing on actions, resolving conflict etc to achieve the goals.

STEP 4 (2h)

Follow-up with the whole team


Follow-up with the whole team (3-4 weeks later)

Need help choosing?

Contact us and we'll help you choose the program that will create most value to your organization

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