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Fooled by our brain: key skills in coping with rapidly changing environment

Presentation 30-60 minutes / workshop 2-4 hours

People don’t usually wake up thinking about how to let their employer down, drive their boss crazy, or disappoint a colleague. But in a period of rapid change, such assumptions about others are easy to come. And this is normal. We talk about how people (or mainly our brains) perceive the world and how increased speed of change begins to affect our perceptions. And how it all impairs interaction (both at work and at home). Most importantly: we practice one technique that will help you regain control (and be less of a victim of events).


Presentation 30-60 minutes / workshop 2-4 hours

Research has shown that empathy is important, which is why it is increasingly being talked about in the context of leadership. Unfortunately, much of what has been said has nothing to do with actual empathy. Pseudo-empathy is being promoted instead. I’m talking about what healthy empathy looks like and how to get more of it.

How to eliminate 80% of problems, that leaders need to deal with

Presentation 30-60 minutes / workshop 2-4 hours

More than 2000 people have already participated this workshop (CEOs, leaders, specialist, MBA students, etc). This workshop provides key insights into how a human community works (both at work and at home). And, of course, you’ll get the key to solving at least 80% of conflicts in this human community.


Presentation 30-60 minutes / workshop 2-4 hours

In the last 20 years, there have been breakthrough changes in our understanding about how humans function in a social environment. We talk about external and internal motivation, the role of goal orientation in making choices, latest discoveries in neuroscience (how a person perceives the world and how we react to different perceptions). And finally – how the individual and the team (organization) influence and guide each other (the dynamics of the organizational culture). This has radically changed perceptions of what skills leaders should have in order to lead effectively. And, of course, some solutions can be tested on yourself.

Human as a paradox - the basics of change management

Presentation 30-60 minutes

The belief that people do not want change is probably one of the most damaging stories circulating among leaders. The truth is, that whatever you believe in, you get – the reality is that change is a difficult and hard process for most organizations. But what happens when you start looking at people as they really are – as a paradox? And what are the techniques that take this paradox into account and help implement changes easily and smoothly?

Changes: cool and energizing or hard and unpleasant?

Presentation 30-60 min

In other words, if we ask who we are, a slave to our habits or a free soul seeking adventures, the correct answer is – both. Both conditions must be met at the same time. And when you compare different approaches to change management and seel to find what differentiates approaches with a success rate of 30% from approaches with a success rate of 90%, then you find that successful approaches solve this paradox. They offer both, a sense of security and a sense of urgency. It is like stepping into the unknown, but taking something that is comfortable and safe with you.

The art of asking: demystifying the key skill of management gurus

Presentation 30-60 min

Neuroscience research has shown that the very first question on which a discussion is started determines the future course of the discussion. This first question shows the end of the path that our brains begin to travel using neuronal connections. So how do you design the “right” questions for the situation? How to change the attitude of customers and employees with the right questions? How to change yourself by asking different kind of questions?

Agile strategy: learn from regular companies who have managed to triple their value in 5 years

Presentation 30-60 minutes / workshop 2-4 hours

At the seminar, you will learn how to create your own best practices for achieving extraordinary results. We will discover the subject through 3 key areas: agile strategy, control and focus. At the heart of the agile strategy method is involving absolutely every employee – from management to the front line – in discussions on how to implement the company’s strategy effectively.


Presentation 30-60 minutes / workshop 2-4 hours

Some people learn from the mistakes of others, some from their own. Learning from successes of others is also very common (best practice). But still, it is most effective to learn from our own successes – then we learn the most, the easiest and the fastest.

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