Elar Killumets

Organizational development mentor, change management consultant and leadership trainer

Elar Killumets

People don't wake up in the morning thinking about how to screw up at work.

Elar Killumets

About Us

Elar Killumets

Elar Killumets is an organizational development mentor, change management consultant and leadership trainer with a strong academic research background.

His main job is helping business leaders operate in uncertainty and implement organizational change.

Elar’s range of topics is very wide. In his development and consulting projects, the focus is usually on the entire organization, focusing on the most important management processes that affect performance.

Elar is an expert in addressing broader strategic issues (eg changing organizational culture, increasing organizational adaptability and flexibility, etc.) as well as more tactical challenges (eg eliminating the negative effects of silos, aligning the performance management system with strategic goals, etc).

Our Operating Principles

We follow these principles

Custom-made solutions

Each organization is unique and therefore we do not use ready-made solutions in our consulting projects.

We deal with the root causes

The solutions that we create are aimed at eliminating the root causes of the problem, not hiding the symptoms.

We emphasize our strenghts

We advise clients only in areas where we invest in research and development at international level.


Over ten years of experience as a consultant and trainer

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