Elar Killumets

Organizational development mentor, change management consultant and leadership trainer

Elar Killumets

99.9% of problems in companies are systemic; yet the skills to understand and change social systems are not widespread. I fill that void, every day.

Elar Killumets

About Us

Elar Killumets

Elar Killumets is an organizational development mentor, change management consultant and leadership trainer with a strong academic research background.

His main job is helping business leaders build better organizations – ones that can also excel in changing circumstances. Where change and development are in the company’s DNA.

During his development and consulting projects Elar focuses on the entire company at the same time. He sees the overall picture and deals with systemic problems that woill clear most of the obstacles. This enables to achieve extremely fast results even in difficult situations.

Elar’s work is internationally recognized. He is a management coach at Japan’s #1 Executive MBA program at Keio University. In addition, he conducts his own advanced development program in the Clear Leadership Network, which brings together thousands of managers mainly from the USA and Canada.

In 2021, in cooperation with colleagues from the USA, the Team Development IntensiveTM program was born, where the ability of the team to achieve its goals is dramatically increased within 14 hours.

Anything is possible when the left hand understands what the right hand is doing.

Chris Crosby, M.A.


Chris Crosby, M.A.

Chris Crosby, M.A. is an expert in system thinking applied to workplace. He uses his unique understanding of systems and authority to create organization alignment, implementation structures, and people processes for various forms of organization change.

Chris also develops leadership programs that utilize experiential learning methods to gain behavioural change that enable better results in engaging their workforce in such a way that builds ownership, commitment, organizational alignment and ultimately better business results.

Chris’s extensive international experience includes work in 15 countries spanning 5 continents.

Mare Killumets

Smile and the world will smile back.

Mare Killumets


Mare Killumets

Mare has extensive experience as a process and project manager in both service development and IT development. Today, Mare is an irreplaceable background force, taking care of our website and digital channels, making sure that the organizational side of the training runs smoothly and doing everything else that is needed so that Elar and Chris can fully focus on providing the greatest value to customers.

Our Operating Principles

We follow these principles

Custom-made solutions

Each organization is unique and therefore we do not use ready-made solutions in our consulting projects.

We deal with the root causes

The solutions that we create are aimed at eliminating the root causes of the problem, not hiding the symptoms.

We emphasize our strenghts

We advise clients only in areas where we invest in research and development at international level.


Over ten years of experience as a consultant and trainer

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