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Clear LeadershipTM
4-day development program
The Corona virus crisis has clearly shown that leaders who have completed the Clear LeadershipTM program, are able to manage the situation significantly better. The program is designed to operate better in changing uncertain environments. It is created by one of the world’s most influential change management researchers and management consultants, prof. Gervase Bushe.
Radically redefining feedback
1-day training
The common belief is that negative feedback breaks a relationship, so it’s better to avoid it and focus only on the “positive”. The methodology taught in the training not only refutes this view, but also allows difficult conversations to be turned into engagements that strengthen the partnership.
Clear LeadershipTM Advanced
2-day development program
The Advanced program is designed to continue to deepen the skills acquired through the Clear LeadershipTM program: to further understand one’s experiences, sources of emotions and behavioral patterns, conflict management styles and functioning in social systems.
Appreciative Inquiry
1-day (online) workshop
Appreciative Inquiry is a problem-solving method that allows you to achieve results significantly faster and with less stress, while increasing employees’ involvement and motivation. The technique can be learned and used by the team 100% online without any loss in quality of results.
In a constantly changing environment, there is no point in making a 5-year strategy. This program helps to make the company’s strategy agile – making it possible to react to changes in the external environment in hours. The program has been created together with the influential professor of strategy and performance management dr. Umit S. Bititci.
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