What is Clear LeadershipTM training program?

Clear LeadershipTM is a unique set of skills that significantly increases the ability of leaders to cope successfully in a rapidly changing environment. The author of the program is prof. Gervase Bushe, is considered to be one of the most influential pioneers in the field of organizational development and change management, both in academia and among practitioners.

it’s literally a training. Knowing may be there, but actually doing something differently involves overcoming your discomfort and inner anxiety. And for that you have to practice and train, not read or think.

Who should attend this program?

This development program is designed for people who want to build better organizations. By better we mean more flexible, adaptable and collaborative. Most of Clear Leadership programs are executed as in-house trainings, but it is also possible to participate in open course 1-2 times a year.


Outcomes of the training:

Get things done faster

The projects undertaken begin to move much faster as the confusion is replaced with clarity.

Motivation increases

Employee motivation improves because there is more clarity and less demotivating moments in the organization.

Better results

When miscommunication, confusion and stress are eliminated, the results seem to improve on their own.

Lower employee turnover

When tensions in an organization disappear and stress levels decrease, people generally like to work there.

New level of collaboration

The basic skills learned in the program will help in all situations that require partnership and collaboration.

Valuable new skills

You'll learn the skill to intervene in processes in a way that brings the desired results quickly and with less pain.

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Clear Leadership

Program build-up

Day 1. Aware self

Any collaboration starts with understanding yourself.

Day 1. Aware self

  • We'll learn about neuropsychology of conflicts,
  • we'll practice purposeful mindfulness,
  • we'll learn to unpack our experiences using the Experience Cube,
  • we'll learn about the appreciative mindset that is the basis of building and leading adaptive and agile teams.

Day 2. Descriptive self

Descriptive and non-judgmental self-expression is a basic skill for any feedback or follow-up conversation.

Day 2. Descriptive self

  • We'll practice descriptive not judgmental self-expression,
  • we'll learn skills that help you be the creator (not victim) in difficult situations,
  • we'll explore a new perspective on empathy - resulting in less frustration and smaller risk of burnout,
  • we'll learn to ask questions so that complex issues are resolved easily and quickly.

Day 3. Curious self

To understand the other party, you need to really listen to them and be able to manage your personal anxiety and defensive reactions.

Day 3. Curious self

  • We'll learn active listening using the four parts of the Experience Cube (facts, thoughts, feelings and wants),
  • we'll find out why we become reactive, what reactivity does to us, and how to avoid it,
  • we'll learn to understand the role of shame in creating interpersonal mush,
  • we'll learn to bring up important issues in a way that helps all parties to stay constructive and avoid defensive reactions.

Day 4. Practicing learning conversations

How to resolve conflicts through learning conversations so, that partnership and collaboration becomes stronger.

Day 4. Putting things to practice

  • How to learn from collective experience - how to replace "leader as visionary tells where to go" with much more effective organizational learning,
  • how learning conversations help resolve and prevent conflicts,
  • how to develop your colleagues through a learning conversation,
  • how to get rid of triangulation - the main cause of interpersonal mush based conflicts.

Clear LeadershipTM

Unique set of skills that significantly increases the ability of leaders to cope successfully in a rapidly changing environment.

Elar Killumets

Elar Killumets


1390 + tax
  • spring 2024, dates TBD
  • max 12 participants
  • in Tallinn, Estonia (in Estonian language)

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