Stopping empathy from destroying organizations & families

How what’s commonly considered as empathy is actually Pseudo-Empathy leading To dysfunctional behavior And Anxiety.

Date: Thursday, 21st of May 2020

Time: 3pm BST (London), 7am PDT (Vancouver), 5pm (Baltics)
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Surprisingly, the most important skill for any leader to lead in times of extreme uncertainty is exactly the same, that is needed to have a good family life – self-differentiation (the ability to be connected yet separate). 

One big obstacle in being properly differentiated is pseudo-empathy, resulting in explosions of collective anxiety, where one person ignites the whole organization – like falling dominoes.
But now comes the good part – it takes few well-differentiated people to effectively manage emotional field of the whole organization.

In this webinar you will learn to consciously separate between real empathy and pseudo-empathy. Understand, why the leaders non-anxious presence is important skill in todays environment. And we also give some guidelines for how to increase your own capacity to be non-anxiously present

Leader, this webinar is for you, when:

  • You see that anxiety in your organization is not converting into motivation to try harder, but into destructive thoughts or behaviors instead.
  • You see that your employees intense emotions and anxiety have started to impact you.
  • You find it difficult to cope with all the emotional people around you.
  • You notice that your own anxiety starts to impact your decision-making more than you’d want it to.
  • You battle emotional dominoes in your organization – one small negative change resulting in an “explosion” of negativity.
  • Someone’s destructive behavior makes you angry and thinking about firing the person.
  • You feel you need to be in charge and there is pressure to be the one with all the answers. And that is killing you.

In this 60-minute webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to consciously separate between empathy and pseudo-empathy (reactive behaviour, that is often mistakenly considered as empathy).
  • How empathy is often a disguise for anxiety.
  • How to substitute pseudo-empathy with a healthy alternative - self-differentiation - and really help your organization and/or family cope with difficult situations.

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Gervase Bushe

Dr. Gervase Bushe is one of the most influential researchers and consultants of change management & organizational development. Dr Bushe has devoted his life to equip managers with the mindset and corresponding skills to function better in times of rapid change, and to help leaders build better organizations that are truly agile and deliver excellent results for all its stakeholder (workers, owners, managers, customers, suppliers, society in general etc).

His hallmark training program Clear Leadership has transformed thousands of organizations globally. His latest books about organizational development and managing in situations when nobody has the playbook, are used extensively both in academia and by leadership practitioners.  

Gervase Bushe
Elar Killumets

Elar Killumets

Elar Killumets is organizational coach & consultant for CEOs, operating as a sensemaking advisor and provider of a broad diverse array of competencies in the field of organizational development and change management.

Over the years, Elar has established himself as an innovative and unorthodox change helper who is a strong proponent of dialogic mindset and tools. Elar closely cooperates with many top researchers and practitioniers in this area such as Dr. Bushe.   

He does things differently, but the results speak for themselves – the keywords being speed and ease of changes.

Elar is a certified trainer of Clear Leadership development program.


Stopping Empathy from destroying organizations & families in times of change

We will never share your information with third parties and will protect it in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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