Clear LeadershipTM Advanced

Clear LeadershipTM is a set of unique skill that significantly increases the ability of leaders to cope successfully in a changing environment .The Advanced program is designed to continue to deepen the skills acquired through the Clear LeadershipTM program: to further understand one’s experiences, sources of emotions and behavioral patterns, conflict management styles and functioning in social systems.

This is a training created by Elar Killumets. The program is approved by prof. Gervase Bushe (the creator of Clear LeadershipTM) and offered as the official international follow-up program for Clear Leadership TM Development Program.

Who should attend this program?

This program is an advanced level follow-up for the Clear LeadershipTM development program. All alumni who want to understand these topics more deeply are welcome to participate.


Clear LeadershipTM Advanced

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Module 1. In-depth view on experiences

Tight connections between the Experience Cube and empathy and emotional intelligence

Module 1

  • Recap on the Experience Cube,
  • we'll study the Experience Cube from the EQ perspective,
  • we'll examine the ability to differentiate between thoughts and feelings,
  • we'll explore what distinguishes empathy from anxiety,
  • we'll revisit the "victim" - "creator" logic in our use of language.
And we'll put all the listed skills in practice.

Module 2. More rationally about emotions

We'll examine the connections between emotions and destructive patterns of behavior and the sources of these patterns.

Module 2

  • We'll recap why emotions matter,
  • we'll examine the connections between emotions and memory,
  • We'll analyze the connections between all above and our patterns of behavior,
  • we'll learn a simple tool that helps to differentiate between emotions better,
  • we'll analyze the relationship between our family of origin and all of above.
We'll put all the listed skills in practice.

Module 3. Conflict management styles

The Experience Cube gives a new perspective on how we act in a conflict situation.

Module 3

  • We'll examine the connections between the Experience Cube, the learning conversation and styles of conflicting management,
  • we'll analyze each other's behavior in a conflict situation,
  • We'll analyze how patterns from family of origin affect us in conflict situations today.
We'll put all the listed skills in practice.

Module 4. Functioning in social systems

The impact of over- and under-functioning on the success of the system (team, family, company).

Module 4

  • We'll explore how social systems affect us,
  • we'll learn how to use a simple yet powerful system analysis tool - SATA,
  • we'll do a self-analysis to identify over- and under-functioning,
  • we'll analyze patterns of behavior associated with over- and under-functioning,
  • we'll learn about the victim-aggressor-rescuer model.
We'll put all the listed skills in practice.

The journey of human development

Attending this program will help you move more and more to the right.

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Elar Killumets

Elar Killumets


399 +tax
Early bird special offer until Nov 19th 2021
  • 11th & 18th of January 2022
  • max 12 participants
  • Tallinn, Estonia (in Estonian language)

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